Our Brands

For the purpose of being grateful to our predecessors who were insisting on commitment with their beliefs and made their religion the pillar of life, trade, and dealings, we kept going on their track, and made our religion a pillar of our dealings. We used trademarks that belong to our Islamic history as follows:


this name is quoted from the surname of the Muslim leader, Qutaiba Bin Muslim Al-Bahli during the conquest of Samarkand as mentioned in the historical biographies. Ibn A’tham Al-Koufi said that Qutaiba arrived at Samarkand, which was under the control of its king, Ghozic Bin Akhsheed Al-Saghdi, in an army of (10030) soldiers full-equipped with machinery and weapons. The war started between both sides who achieved equal victories. Days after, a battalion climbed over the fence, and one of them said in Saghdi language: “O! Arabs, why do you fight us and involve yourselves in such hardships and suffering for a purpose you will never achieve. We found in our books that this city will never be conquered except by the hands of a man called Akaf Al-Jamal, so go away, and stop tiring your horses and killing yourselves”. Furthermore, Qutaiba said “What do those people say? Does anybody understand what he says?”. So, somebody said “he said so and so”. Then, Qutaiba, whose name means the hump of the camel, said: “Allah is Great, I’m Akaf Al-Jamal, I’m Qutaiba, whose name means the hump of a camel”. Al-Koufi says “He fought them fiercely and killed many of them, and therefore, he managed to conquer the city”.


it means the bulwark built on an unreachable place like a top of a mountain or in front of a sea, or even on a plain. The Arabs used the bulwarks as a house, fortification, prison, armory, treasure, and even the headquarters of the local government.


it means what Allah the Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an: “and We give to drink thereof many of the cattle and men that We had created” (Al-Furqan: 49).

In addition to some trademarks not fully registered in all countries, but it will be added after finishing its registration.

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