You can now enjoy new sizes of various men’s clothing and underwear, as the Ikaf clothing store for men offers a variety of jalabiyas and underwear. It also provides clothing accessories such as the ghutra. It also has Ihram clothing as well as ready-made clothing for children and boys in different sizes to suit all bodies.

Men’s clothing and underwear

With the available size charts, you can now choose the correct size with ease. To ensure you get underwears as comfortable. As you can get, jalabiyas that are comfortable and fit perfectly to your body.

Jalabiya is a traditional loose-fitting garment commonly worn in the Middle East. It is usually ankle-length with long sleeves and often comes in a variety of colors as well as patterns, suitable for men. It is similar to a kaftan or a long tunic.

Starting from luxurious types of high quality cotton as well as, polyester. There are also various brands available inside the store. There is the Ikaf Diamond brand, there is also the Ikaf Blue, in addition to the Orange Ikaf.

You can also find your appropriate size by measuring the chest width. And you must also know the sleeve length. You must also know your height, shoulder size, as well as neck size. So you can choose the appropriate size for you from our size chart shown as follows:

Men's clothing and underwear1540_03.png1540_04.png1540_05.pngMen's clothing and underwearMen's clothing and underwearMen's clothing and underwear